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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Dr. Dana Hall

Hard work and dedication to their students and Reinhardt University paved the way to tenure for Dr. Dana Hall and David Nisbet.

Both professors were granted tenure during the most recent Board of Trustees meeting.

“Dr. Hall and Mr. Nisbet have served Reinhardt University well,” said Provost Dr. Mark Roberts. “Dr. Hall has made positive contributions to Reinhardt’s learning community in the areas of teaching, student advisement and university service. She engages effectively with students, contributes to enriching the cultural life of campus through extraordinary acts of service, works tirelessly to grow the quality of Reinhardt’s business program and engages meaningfully in her professional discipline.

“Likewise. Mr. Nisbet engages effectively with students, contributes to enriching the cultural life of campus, works tirelessly to grow Reinhardt’s theatre program— in quality and in students, serves in ways that enhance the Reinhardt Experience, and continues to engage meaningfully in his professional discipline,” Roberts said. “He has maintained a strong record of theatrical productions and acted in roles outside of Reinhardt.”

Hall, coordinator of Reinhardt’s Master of Business Administration and associate professor of business, said the process requires a great deal of work, and means more than just a status. It’s a binding connection between the faculty member and the University.

“Tenure is a joint commitment by the organization (Reinhardt) and by the faculty member to support the mission and values of Reinhardt. Tenure binds the organization to the faculty member, but it also binds the faculty member to the institution. The process is challenging and time-consuming, and it’s not a process to be taken lightly,” Hall said. “My research in the areas of organizational identification and commitment indicates that the strongest forms of organizational commitment benefit both the institution and the individual, and I believe that tenure is a powerful and meaningful demonstration of that commitment.”

David Nisbet

Hall said she is honored by the Board’s vote, which was based upon a process conducted by faculty peers and recommendation from Roberts and President Dr. Kina S. Mallard, respectively.

“It is the recognition of my work in the three key areas (teaching & advising, service to school and community, and faculty development) by my peers and their recommendation, reviewed by the Provost and approved by the President and Board of Trustees that makes the tenure and promotion such a huge honor. I am honored that the Board of Trustees believes I offer the kind of value to the institution that they wish to recognize.”

Hall came to Reinhardt in 2005 as an instructor in the Communication Department. She left in 2009, later returning as a member of the McCamish School of Business in 2013. Her expertise is in marketing and public relations, and she enjoys imparting her knowledge and direction on her students to prepare them for futures in business.

Nisbet joined Reinhardt six years ago and has grown Reinhardt’s theatre program as its program coordinator. With the approval of his tenure, Nisbet was also promoted to associate professor of theatre.

His tireless work in building and promoting the program has led to a growing student population and the need for a standalone Black Box Theater currently under construction on the banks of Lake Mullenix.

Being granted tenure is something he said solidifies the faith placed in him to lead the program and he is excited about continuing on the path to making Reinhardt University a place performance students seek out.

“Tenure means the president, the board and the administration have faith in the plan for the theatre program and what we can accomplish here at Reinhardt,” Nisbet said. “It means I can continue to grow the program and propel it to become a destination school and program in the future.”