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Reinhardt student Rachel Hutto helps Sequoyah High School student Sophia Muscato during the Choral Festival last week. Photo by Jordan Beach

Reinhardt’s sixth choral festival was a hit as 120 high school students came together with Reinhardt’s Chorale with one voice as they enjoyed a full day of rehearsal and music making.

Students from Cherokee, Sequoyah, Creekview, Central, Houston County, Pepperell, Whitewater and Howard high schools attended the festival.

“I have come here every year for three years now, and this festival is always something I look forward to,” said Creekview High School senior, Riley Ortega. “I love how Dr. (Martha) Shaw takes a song and ties such an emotional meaning to it so that we can all relate and sing it with the passion that the music deserves to be sung.”

The choral festival represents an opportunity for the communities of several counties to join together. This year, Cherokee High School, conducted by Brad Ellis, took the stage in Flint Hall as the guest choir while their family and friends gathered to watch.

“This festival shows my students and their families the quality of instruction, professionalism of the faculty and the excellence of the facility that Reinhardt has to offer,” said Ellis. “It made my choir and me feel special to be chosen as the guest choir this year. Martha’s leadership, the Chorale’s leadership, the quality of music chosen, and the love that Martha exudes keeps us coming back.”

“We use this opportunity to thank the high school directors for all they do for their choirs and to give them a reason to recommend Reinhardt,” said Shaw, professor of music and director of choral activities.

From learning music, to developing relationships with the festival attendees, students are not only taught music, but are inspired to overflow with passion and see what Reinhardt University has to offer.