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Lehigh Carbon Community College
From left: Makala Young, Billy Waters, Audrey Dodge, Cameron Cagle, Stefan Duckett, Kerion Williams

By Suzy Alstrin

Reinhardt University’s Alpha Mu Beta chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society inducted new members this week. At the ceremony, Cameron Cagle (RU-2026), Audrey Dodge (RU-2026), Stefan Duckett (RU-2025), Billy Waters (RU-2025), Kerion Williams (RU-2025), and Makala Young (RU-2025) received a membership certificate as well as honor cords to proudly wear with their graduation regalia.

Assistant Professor of History Andrew Jones, Ph.D. describes these students as having, “excelled in their history coursework and met rigorous G.P.A. (grade point average) standards required for membership eligibility.”

The keynote address provided words of insight, “History is not just the events we read about or the timelines we see written on a page, but it’s the study of people’s lives – how their everyday actions impacted the world as we know it today. The research and writing skills you will obtain while at Reinhardt will open doors to futures you might not have even imagined. Follow your passion. You never know where it is going to lead you,” said Cara Tafoya. Tafoya holds a BA and MA in history, taught U.S. History at Andrew College in Cuthbert, Georgia, and currently works in Reinhardt’s admissions office.

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society is a professional organization dedicated to advancing history teaching, historical study, and scholarly publication. Founded in 1921, it has over 970 chapters and over 400,000 members. The lifelong membership allows the new inductees to participate in a nationwide network of historians as they complete their degrees and pursue careers.