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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach 

Josh Garner

Reinhardt University serves to educate the whole person, including offering ways for students to explore faith. Josh Garner will take on the role of leading the student body through faith and serving others as our newly appointed Coordinator of Spiritual Life and Service.

In fulfilling Reinhardt’s mission and Methodist Heritage, Garner will provide and foster religious and spiritual development. His role will also work to provide volunteer service programming to the University community that accurately interprets and communications the University’s statement of faith.

“I love being in ministry and I love the environment of a college campus,” said Garner. “This position combines these two passions so well. As Coordinator of Spiritual Life and Service, I will have the opportunity to guide students in their faith journey and help the University express their faith through acts of service. It is an exciting position that allows me to dream up big goals and see them into reality.”

Garner first heard of Reinhardt University from retired Rev. James Mooneyhan, a Reinhardt alum, whose experience left a lasting impression.

“Reinhardt has a great history, thriving present and promising future. Rev. Mooneyhan’s stories about Reinhardt made the university seem like a light shining on a hill,” said Garner. “His experience at Reinhardt had a special place in his heart and his stories gave Reinhardt a special place in my mind. When the opportunity presented itself for me to be a part of Reinhardt, I knew it was a special opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”

One goal Garner hopes to accomplish during his first year on campus is to expand opportunities for students to engage in spiritual growth. He plans to incorporate multiple ministries, including Fellowship of Christian Athlete huddles, LIFT and Baptist College Ministry. In addition, Garner wants to launch a university-wide service initiative to encourage and track Reinhardt’s service to the community.

“Reinhardt is a great university and the sky is the limit with what we can accomplish with service.”

Garner wants Reinhardt’s faculty, staff and students to know he is here for them.

“There is a well-known scripture that reads, ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son and whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.’ That verse is good news and, if unpacked correctly, has wonderful implications for how we act, think, feel and live. I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to help this university unpack and live out this and other great scripture.”