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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Suzy Alstrin

Josh Garner looks forward to becoming the new Director of Student Development and focusing on career and leadership enhancement. Since 2020, Garner served as the Director of Spiritual Life, Leadership, and Service, including leading Campus Ministries and volunteerism.

This new position reports to Dean of Students Dr. Walter May who explains, “The focus on calling and vocation is to help students understand that life after graduation is more than just a series of jobs. Josh will guide students as they design a career plan that encompasses a blend of their personal and professional ambitions. The secondary focus on leadership development is to help students develop the skills and competencies to enhance their professional and personal development. A part of Josh’s new role will be working with corporations, agencies, and organizations locally and nationally to establish internships and vocational opportunities for Reinhardt students.”

Garner understands how busy students are and has plans for connecting with them. He says, “There are so many great opportunities for the students right here in our community. We have world-class leaders and amazing opportunities both within the Reinhardt environment and our local community. My hope is that they will become engaged leaders as they get connected with organizations, businesses, nonprofits, churches, internships, and mentorship programs in our community. I anticipate a lot of students will want to take advantage of those things because we have the best students.” He’s also considering a newsletter or other methods to widely communicate opportunities.

This summer, a new chaplain begins overseeing spiritual life and volunteer service at Reinhardt. Garner says he will help them settle in and carry on the mantle, “Campus Ministries has a great future. Students are excited about a new adventure.”