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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Dr. Chris Findley teaches a four-hour class as part of in-service training required for public safety officers.

Officers from the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department and other agencies came to Reinhardt University’s campus June 1 for a presentation on use of force, de-escalation and the importance of developing positive community relations.

Dr. Chris Findley of the Reinhardt University Public Safety Institute delivered a four-hour presentation to assist officers in meeting annual law enforcement training requirements. This includes training on the Constitutional and legal limitations on the use of deadly force, de-escalation options for gaining compliance and community policing.

“Police work is more than arresting people and taking them to jail. We help train officers to recognize they are part of the community and should work as such,” Findley said. “Community-oriented policing, known as COPS for short, is geared at getting officers to get to know the communities they serve.”

“It’s also important for officers to know how to temper a heated situation because more often than not, people are calling officers for help. They are upset, angry, sad or hurt. When an officer can de-escalate the situation in a positive manner, the interaction tends to be more productive,” he added.

This P.O.S.T. mandated in-service training is crucial in the day-to-day life for officers and those that need their help. With this emphasis on community and a desire to become more refined in de-escalation and use of force, Reinhardt’s public safety officers, as well as other participants, gained insight on promoting a positive relationship and environment for the community.

The June training session is part of POST in-service training offered by Reinhardt’s Public Safety Institute. Agencies interested in learning more should contact Rich Nable at 770-720-5924 or at