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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The annual Gathering in Remembrance on April 18th honored the lives of Reinhardt University community members lost in the past year. The heartfelt commemoration reflected the lasting memories of colleagues, students, alumni, and loved ones.

Rev. Brian Smith, pastor of the Waleska United Methodist Church, delivered a message of faith and celebration of life, speaking of comfort, hope, love, and peace. A bell chimed as he read each name aloud.

The meaningful service included students playing music and delivering a scripture. It bonded the joys of the past, the present community, and the hope for the future.

Reinhardt community members honored:

Charles K. Allen (RU-1976)

Elizabeth D. Benjamin (RU-1972)

Grace H. Boswell (RU-1947)

Betty Cobb

Charles K. Cobb, Jr.

Astra Nyomi Cook

Lillie M. Crowe

Ouida W. Dowis

Steve Garrison, Jr.

Alan C. Hanson

Aubrey C. Howell

Jean Krueger

Leonard Leo

Robert G. Lipscomb (RU-1965)

Robert Leroy Mann

George W. McClure

Beverly Tarpley McMurray (RU-1962)

Howard A. Olson

Dr. Walton H. Reeves

Jane Smith Seay (RU-72)

Kellett A. Taylor