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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Amy McGee, Technical Services Librarian

First as a library assistant and now a librarian, Amy McGee has enjoyed 15 years at Reinhardt. She works behind the scenes in the Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center. As the Technical Services Librarian, McGee repairs damaged books, and orders and catalogs new books and media, preparing them for placement in the library.

As an English major, McGee did not intend to be a librarian. “I inevitably wanted to be a writer, but I always liked books, stories, and helping people. Then, serendipity — I fell into my work at the library where I could grow as a writer and a librarian, while surrounded by books, stories, people, and the things I love. I’ve held other positions, like working as a newspaper editor, but this feels like home.”

“The variety of fun and interesting opportunities afforded by Reinhardt are unparalleled! I appreciate all that Reinhardt has to offer – day to night – from experiencing life in other countries through international student presentations to enjoying theatre performances, concerts, and football games. I’ve attended a birthday party for a tree, participated in counting all the animal species that live on campus with the biology department, and watched authorized people catch and identify bats. Where else could I explore these opportunities?”

Working at Reinhardt also gave McGee the opportunity to become an adult learner and complete her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. “In my spare time, I like to write. I’m always working on a short story or a novel. I also enjoy mysteries and have been writing a lot of ghost stories lately. I’m creating some children’s books, too.” McGee hopes to publish her works and have the honor of cataloging and adding them to the Reinhardt collection.

McGee, a native of Waleska, has two children, both students at Reinhardt.  You can find them exploring the campus and enjoying all that Reinhardt has to offer.  Perhaps one day soon, the campus community may be invited to a book signing – celebrating Reinhardt’s own Amy McGee.