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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Bailey Streid ’21 works in Reinhardt’s Office of Admissions as an admissions counselor and recruiter. As a recent Reinhardt graduate, she has a unique perspective on admissions. “I was a first-generation student,” says Streid “so I understand the admissions process can feel scary – it was a scary process for me. As an admissions counselor, I am able to guide students through the admissions process and give students a great entry into the college experience similar to what I had.”

Streid began her job in February, less than two months after her December 2021 graduation. Her position takes her throughout Georgia to recruit high school students for Reinhardt. “There are a ton of different college fairs that I go to, and sometimes I do private visits at the high schools to meet with select students and their counselors.” But the job of admissions counselor goes beyond just recruiting students. “I guide students through the entire enrollment process. From their first inquiry and applying to evaluating their transcripts and being the first one to tell them that they’re accepted – which is always exciting – I am there with them.”

Streid graduated with a degree in psychology. “I thought I wanted to be a music therapist for children with special needs, but I realized that job would not be a good fit for me. However, I do know working with and guiding people is ultimately what I want to do.”

Jumping into a full-time staff position was an easy transition for Streid. “I was used to working full time while I was in school, so that was not an adjustment. The Reinhardt faculty and staff have been so welcoming and helpful, always willing to answer questions, and that made the transition from student to staff easier.”

Now that Streid is no longer reading textbooks, she’s enjoying getting back into reading for pleasure. “When I started college, I was reading books every week. Then it became more schoolwork related, reading textbooks and science articles instead of personal books. Now I’m trying to get away from social media and back into reading books for fun again.”