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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Beverly Smith

It’s all about the money – “the money coming in, the money going out” – and as Controller, Beverly Smith ensures that “we follow our policies and procedures, the budgets are held in play, and audits, compliance and related tasks move forward accordingly.”

Smith joined the Reinhardt staff a little over two years ago after 15 years in public accounting. “I had been in public accounting with some fairly large firms. I was a partner in a firm, spent much time on the road, and had horrible levels of stress – I really needed a change. On a whim, I applied to Reinhardt on Indeed for this position. I received a call for an interview and was offered the job on the same day! My husband was in Israel at the time, and when he called me that night I said, ‘By the way honey, I’m quitting my job.'”

“Reinhardt is a really great environment. The stress level is non-existent compared to that in my prior role. The people are great! I love working with the students. I love my coworkers.”

The Business Office isn’t the only place on campus you’ll find Smith. You can also find her in the classroom – teaching. “This semester I’m teaching Principles of Marketing and Individual Income Tax. I’ve also taught Governmental Accounting and Personal Finance.” Smith started teaching 18 years ago after graduating from Shorter College (now Shorter University). “A month after I graduated, my accounting professor said, ‘Now that you’ve got your master’s I need you to start teaching.’ And I’ve been teaching college level classes ever since.”

Fun fact about Smith – she has two bachelor’s degrees. Her first degree is in elementary education. “At that time, there were a lot of teachers where I lived.” So, instead, she forged a new path in bookkeeping. “After I started bookkeeping, I returned to school and completed my second degree in accounting. I made a five-year plan, and in that five years, I was able to get both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I also sat for the CPA exam and passed it. That was my goal.”

When not at work, Smith enjoys reading and traveling with her husband. “We love to travel. We’ve driven to all but four states and two of the provinces with our kids.” Smith, as a “child of the eighties,” also boasts that she knows every word to every AC/DC song. She and her husband also enjoy spending time with their two adult children and their families.

Lastly, Smith wants everyone to know, “We have an open-door policy in the Business Office – feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. I am always available and glad to help!”