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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Carmen Lane

Carmen Lane serves as a respected police officer with Reinhardt University’s Department of Public Safety, with one year on the job and more than twenty years in law enforcement. “I enjoy working at Reinhardt and meeting everyone on campus. I think I talk with someone new almost every day!” In addition to ensuring safety, Lane believes that her work on Reinhardt’s campus is of greater importance.

“This is where young adults shape their perceptions of law enforcement, and what future encounters with officers may look like to them. As an officer, I want students to have positive interactions, so they understand the importance of our work in building relationships and community.”

“When talking with students, I appreciate learning about their college experiences and career plans, and sharing my own journey. I encourage them to be lifelong learners – like me.”

“I began my career with the City of Atlanta and then with Cobb County, as a patrol officer in both places,” she says. “I enjoyed my time in this role because I was exposed to so many different people and situations. On patrol, there’s so much day-to-day variety – engaging with people from different backgrounds and managing difficult scenarios from domestic violence to mental health situations, burglaries, and more. Officers so often encounter people in the worst situations, and we all have the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life.”

Lane made a career shift from patrol officer to an investigator with the Cherokee County solicitor’s office, where she started her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice – at Reinhardt.

“I first came to Reinhardt as an adult learner. The fully-online program met my interests and needs as a working adult. I could manage my many priorities. Discussions, posts and questions – anything a student needs – was (and is) addressed online, with faculty who are available to assist in any way.”

Graduating this spring, Lane shares, “Working on my degree has been difficult and time consuming, but very rewarding and worth every minute! My children are looking forward to my graduation as much as I am!

Lane is married to a Cobb County firefighter, with two children ages 15 and 11. When not working, taking classes, or attending her children’s sporting events, Lane loves to run – 5Ks, 10Ks, and a ½ marathon – and she has greater aspirations. “I’d like to run one full marathon.” Lane is also an animal-lover with a full house, including a doberman, a dachshund, and a little, “spoiled chiweenie.”