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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Josiah Wolff, Educator Coordinator, Funk Heritage Center

As education coordinator at the Funk Heritage Center, Josiah Wolff arrived at Reinhardt in March 2022 to “develop and guide volunteers and programs.” With an undergraduate degree in history, Wolff worked with museums and historical societies before assuming his current role. “I really enjoyed working with the public, guiding tours, and leading volunteers. To experience everything I enjoy, I sometimes found myself holding multiple part-time jobs at the same time.”

Now Wolff believes that The Funk Heritage Center brings all that he enjoys to one role. “I saw this opportunity as the right fit for me. The opportunities for program development at the Funk Heritage Center are vast, and we serve varied audiences – school groups, adult learners, and the general public. Our lecture series enables us to feature special topics, too. It’s fun and gratifying to reach many populations in varied ways.”

Wolff appreciates his “fantastic” colleagues, and interactions with the entire campus community. “It’s interesting to work with people beyond the museum – the professors, staff, community members, and Reinhardt students. Some faculty find unique ways to use the Funk Heritage Center. For example, an English professor and his students will use our museum as the physical space of an essay. Being a part of Reinhardt University is a great opportunity for the Heritage Center and RU students to collaborate in a variety of ways.” Wolff also hopes to collaborate with the theatre department on student volunteers interested in creating character personas. “We have a volunteer who performs James Oglethorpe, and there are many other historical characters students could embody for theatrical practice and exposure.”

Wolff is currently working toward his master’s degree in museum education, and adds that history and museums are not his only interests. “I really like science and listen to a lot of science podcasts. I’m very excited about the research of Mars Perseverance Rover.” Wolff also says he really likes to bake. “I bake all the birthday cakes for my family!” Recently he made a cake for daughter that was a unicorn eating pizza. He also bakes bread most weekends.