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Lehigh Carbon Community College


Kelly Brooks

Kelly Brooks plays an important role as Reinhardt’s Accounting Specialist – Accounts Payable – she pays the bills!

“Organized, meticulous and knowing that everything is in order,” Brooks makes the complexities and importance of the role seem simple and straightforward.

She arrived at Reinhardt almost a year ago, when she and her husband moved to Georgia from Texas. Prior to Reinhardt, Brooks worked in banking and finance, and “started taking classes while in Texas,” adding accounting to her area of expertise.

Outside of work, Brooks likes to travel, and her travels are many. “I was born in Fargo, North Dakota – which people generally have comments about because of the movie, ‘Fargo.’ I grew up in New Mexico, and lived in Botswana, Africa, for two months – many, many years ago – where I was also able to visit Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls.”

About her current destination, Reinhardt, Brooks shares, “It’s a joy to come to work. My co-workers are professional, knowledgeable in their roles, and caring, and the students are a joy. I also appreciate our beautiful campus and being able to walk to my car while enjoying a lovely view.”