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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Marissa Ginsberg ’21

Every form associated with a loan and completed by a Reinhardt student runs through Reinhardt’s Financial Aid Office – and through the hands of Marissa Ginsberg ’21! “Most people think the process of applying for financial aid is automatic, but it’s not,” says Ginsberg, financial aid processor. “When students apply for loans, their applications come to me – every form. I accept them, certify them and make sure all information is accurate. I connect with each student to verify information or if an error is found.”

Ginsberg’s history with Reinhardt serves her well in her role as financial aid processor. Ginsberg believes that as a recent graduate, she understands exactly what students and their parents are feeling as they navigate the financial aid process. “Four years ago, as a student, I didn’t know anything about loan applications. In my new role, I can work from a place of great empathy, and routinely share, ‘I got through it and you can too.’ My personal experiences enable me to develop supportive relationships with our students and their families.”

As a Business Administration major at Reinhardt, Ginsberg planned for a career in Human Resources. “I especially appreciate the ongoing training and onboarding aspects of business because they are critical to the success of an organization. Working in customer service at Publix for five years, I was involved with staff training. I enjoyed the interactions with new staff members and the sharing of best practices. My work in financial aid offers the same types of meaningful connections.”

“I never thought I’d be working in financial aid. I’ve learned so much about the internal operations of Reinhardt, and about my own skills and abilities as a team member. My time at work was more predictable in my former role. Here, every day is different. Every day is very much ‘human resources’ – learning, meeting people, sharing resources, and experiencing something new.”

Ginsberg is a proud member of a “deeply caring and committed financial aid team.” Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Grace, as she busily plans her spring wedding. Not surprising of the enthusiastic Ginsberg, when speaking of future plans, “I definitely want to get my master’s degree – at Reinhardt of course!”