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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Robin Blackwell

If you have ever visited the Reinhardt Business Office in the Burgess Administration Building, chances are you have talked with Robin Blackwell. She’s the helpful person on the other side of the glass window!

With 14 years of dedicated service, “I have been in the same position since I began at Reinhardt. The title and some of the job responsibilities have changed, but I’m still the ‘face behind the glass of the business office,'” says Blackwell.

As the student account coordinator, Blackwell is responsible for ensuring that student information remains current – so that student invoices are accurate. But that’s not all. “I create payment plans with parents and students, and answer any questions they may have about the Business Office or other departments.” As often the first person they see – with great longevity, knowledge, and experience – Blackwell can diffuse anxieties often felt by students and families as they navigate the university system, and re-direct them as needed.

Blackwell’s ongoing dedication seems effortless because she appreciates working at Reinhardt. “I enjoy working with the people, from the business office to those across campus – and especially the students. How can you work in this environment and not love the students?”

Beyond Reinhardt, Blackwell enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. She is proud to say she has been married to her high school sweetheart for almost 42 years. Together they have a son who is currently attending Reinhardt and will graduate in the fall of 2022.