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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Sandra Villacorta, Admissions Systems Coordinator

Sandra Villacorta, Admissions Systems Coordinator for the Office of Admissions, oversees the daily operations and ensures proper functionality of Reinhardt’s admissions database. “I also work with our Salesforce platform to ensure that the online applications are received and processed.”  So, if you are a student, chances are she has seen your name!

Villacorta brings over 25 years of experience in the building automation services and telecommunications industry. She has a degree in business administration with a marketing minor and is currently pursuing a degree in cybersecurity.

“I enjoy my job,” Villacorta says, “because every day requires ‘thinking outside of the box, especially working with systems and technology. One small glitch can impact many different components of the system, which requires investigation and creative problem-solving.”

Villacorta began working at the University in February 2021. “My daughter was attending Reinhardt. She eventually left, but I enjoyed it so much that I stayed. It is a wonderful place to be.”

Many things stand out to Villacorta about Reinhardt, but she says the diversity of the University tops the list. “The people here have many different backgrounds, and I appreciate learning about their cultures and experiences.”

Villacorta and her husband have three children. “We are a military family. My husband, Antonio, is a Marine, and so is our oldest son, Tony. Our middle son, Christian, is in the Army, and our daughter, Izzy, is in the National Guard. I am very proud of all of them.” Villacorta is also a proud grandmother of two little girls.

Villacorta and her husband share a passion for traveling. “We love to go on trips and explore different cultures. We believe that learning from other cultures helps you appreciate what you have.” Villacorta says her favorite place to visit is Paris. “Paris is beautiful. And I love London, especially for Christmas.”