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Lehigh Carbon Community College


Shari Craddock, Administrative Assistant to the Deans

Shari Craddock joined Reinhardt University as the administrative assistant to the deans in January. She supports the deans of several Schools – the School of Mathematics and Sciences, the School of Performing Arts, the School of Arts and Humanities, and the McCamish School of Business and Sports Studies. From her office in the Falany Performing Arts Center (FPAC), Craddock’s role encompasses a wide variety of administrative tasks. The Falany team also receives support from Craddock as she works with volunteers and assists with the Falany Box Office and events.

Craddock has a biology degree from Berry College but entered administration when she started a family. “I wanted a position that wasn’t all encompassing, where I could make significant contributions to the work of the organization, then return home and focus on my family. I’ve been an administrator for 21 years now, and I love it!” She calls herself a “support professional,” saying, “I enjoy supporting and working alongside others, organizing the details that helps them manage intricate projects and accomplish their goals.”

When she’s not working, Craddock stays busy. “My husband and I have seven children together. Most are grown up or are in college with one still in high school. Thankfully, they all live in the southeast. I also have one grandchild on the way – I’m really excited about that!” Craddock also raises chickens. “The chickens were my COVID project. I started with six chicks when I was working at home; now I have 13. I kept them in a dog cage beside my desk. Talking to people on the phone while the chicks were cheeping in the background was a conversation point for sure!”