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Lehigh Carbon Community College


Stephanie Watts, Admissions Counselor

Admissions Counselor Stephanie Watts is a brand-new face on Reinhardt’s campus. Since August, Watts quickly dived into her new role, learning about Reinhardt and what happens behinds the scenes at a university.

Watts is a recent graduate of Valdosta State University, where she studied marketing. “After graduating, I wanted to come back home to Canton,” she says. Now, Watts is continuing her education with a master’s degree in business administration.

As an admissions counselor, Watts visits high schools, probe fairs, and college fairs to talk with high school students about their futures, introduce them to Reinhardt, and share how Reinhardt can help them succeed. “Some students know exactly what they want do after high school and with their lives; others do not,” she says. “This presents a great opportunity for me to show them what Reinhardt has to offer and provide guidance on their steps after high school.”

Although her time on campus is limited due to the nature of her job, Watts says she has really enjoyed working at Reinhardt. “I appreciate the culture and community here.” She also notes how the campus differs from her own college experience in Valdosta. “This campus is smaller than Valdosta, and I enjoy that the Reinhardt campus is walkable and beautifully scenic.”

Watts spends her time outside of work with her dog, Benny. “I rescued Benny in May. His entire litter was going to be thrown into a river. I worked with a rescue group to find them homes. Benny was the last one left in the litter, and I kept him. I am obsessed with him!” Watts is also an admitted Home and Garden TV (HGTV) addict and says over the summer she says she started refurbishing and selling furniture. “It started with a piece I found for free on Facebook. I sanded it, repainted it, and sold it.” She has continued to work with furniture saying “It’s nice to be able to sell the pieces, but I really just enjoy the activity, the creation. I like to look at a piece of furniture, envision what it could be, and make it happen.”