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Lehigh Carbon Community College

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Waleska resident Tony Williams will be showcasing his photography in a new art exhibit running from February 2, 2023, through March 3, 2023. The exhibit will take place in Reinhardt’s Falany Performing Arts Center (FPAC), and all of his pieces will be for sale – averaging around $65 per print. 

About 2 years ago, Tony was involved in a car accident that impacted his mobility. During this period of healing and reflection, he felt inspired to share the beauty of Lake Arrowhead and its surrounding areas. “I call my exhibit ‘Moments Frozen in Time’ because each one can’t be repeated, like sunsets or like us as human beings. Photography is a gift,” says Tony. 

Each piece has no specific area or style. Some may be taken in Waleska, while other may be taken in Arizona. Some may be in color, while others may be in black and white. During the exhibit, Tony will visit campus weekly to explain his photos, where he took them, and the reason why he took them. 

At the grand opening this past Thursday, a hundred people showed up in support. 

“It’s just a blessing to have my art in such a beautiful building like FPAC.”