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This Spring, Reinhardt honors 19 faculty and staff by bestowing emeriti status. The honorary title recognizes outstanding service and signifies the respect of their peers for their performance and contributions to Reinhardt University. To be granted this honor individuals must meet criteria outlined by policy, receive positive votes by peers, approval by the president and board of trustees. It is a high honor and celebrates excellence.

An emeriti luncheon and formal ceremony will be held on April 9th to celebrate their contributions, achievements, and lasting legacy.

If any of these individuals made an impact on you, we would love to hear about it. All alumni, students, colleagues, and supporters are encouraged to share your memories and experiences with anyone on this list. Please send your recollections and well-wishes to Whitney Spear, Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations: or 7300 Reinhardt Circle, Waleska, GA 30183

viviana baxter

Viviana Baxter    27 years with Reinhardt: 1990-2017

Baxter was an associate professor of Spanish language and education for the School of Arts and Humanities. She led study abroad trips to Spain for 15 years, and was a part of the introduction of the Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures in 2008. She was honored with the Elizabeth Moss Bailey ’28 Faculty Mentor Award in 2006.


Nancy T. Carter   13 years with Reinhardt: 2002-2015

Carter served as an assistant professor of education in the Price School of Education, and later became the coordinator of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program in Early Childhood Education, and assessment coordinator. She was instrumental in the launch and success of the MAT program and was a recipient of the Jane England Teaching Excellence Award.

Bill DeAngelis

William J. DeAngelis, Ph.D.   13 years with Reinhardt: 2002-2015

Dr. DeAngelis was the dean of the School of Math and Sciences, associate professor of Psychology, and an attorney. He also played a key role in the growth of the department with the addition of a political science major in 2011, and in the new design and addition to the Dobbs science building.

Andy Edwards

Andrew “Andy” M. Edwards Jr.   43 years with Reinhardt: 1974-2017

Edwards was an associate professor of science and excelled as coordinator of the Evening On Campus Program, and as the dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences. Students recall his humor and willingness to help them in and outside of class.

Catherine Emmanuel

Catherine “Kiki” Emmanuel, Ph.D.   13 years with Reinhardt: 2008-2021

Dr. Emmanuel served as director of the Center for Student Success (CSS), and assistant professor of English. She was an advocate for the CSS resources provided to students, and ensured that it met the needs of the growing student population. She was awarded the Elizabeth Moss Bailey ’28 Faculty Mentor Award in 2015.


Beatrice “Bea” Flint    13 years with Reinhardt: 1978-1991

Flint taught as an associate professor of English and assisted in the yearbook production. Because of her continued dedication, support, and generosity, the performance hall in the Falany Performing Arts Center is named for her and her spouse, and an endowed scholarship in their name supports students.


A. Wayne Glowka, Ph.D.   13 years with Reinhardt: 2007-2020

Dr. Glowka was the coordinator of the English program and transitioned to the dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. He helped build new programs in world languages and cultures, theatre, and creative writing. He served as senior editor for several editions of the Sanctuary magazine, as managing editor for the James Dickey Review, and alongside Dr. Mark Roberts, he created the Reinhardt University Press.

Joel Langford1

Joel Langford   38 years with Reinhardt: 1985-2023

Langford served as director of library services at the Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center. He helped the library through many changes, multiple remodels, additions, and improvements. He was instrumental in modernizing the library’s catalog system and adding additional technology. He was a key player in expanding the library’s collection, as well as the expansion of the archives and special collections.

Dennis K. McIntire, Ph.D.    12 years with Reinhardt: 2003-2015

Dr. McIntire was the interim dean and associate professor for the School of Music and Performing Arts during the huge growth of the music program, including the opening of the Falany Performing Arts Center, and additions of theatre and musical theatre majors. Georgia Music Educators Association honored him in 2008 with the Administrator of the Year Award, and he was also a member of the FPAC Advisory Board. He continues to support the University in his retirement.


G. David Moore, Ph.D.   17 years with Reinhardt: 2004-2021

Dr. Moore was an assistant professor of physics with a dedication that inspired his students. He regularly attended programs on astronomy and physics to ensure he provided the most relevant and up-to-date information. Many of his former students still remember him having the class sing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python before taking a test.

susan naylor 2

Susan E. Naylor    42 years with Reinhardt: 1975-2017

Naylor was an instructor in piano and music theory, and an associate professor of music. Under her direction, the Student Recital Series and the Faculty and Guest Artist Series were established. She coordinated the founding of Cherokee Music Teachers Association, organized the collegiate chapter of the Music Teachers National Association, and established the Reinhardt University Instrumental Concerto Competition. She was awarded the Vulcan Teaching Excellence Award in 2009, and was the 2014 Ministerial Honoree at the Reinhardt Talon Awards Gala.


Margaret “Peg” O’Connor   25 years with Reinhardt: 1988-2013

O’Connor taught communications and journalism, mentored students running the campus newspaper, chaired the humanities division, was dean of McCamish School of Business, dean of the School of Communication Arts and Music, associate VP for Academic Affairs at the N. Fulton Center, and was interim VP and dean of Academic Affairs. She grew the adult learners’ program, including the addition of adult programs including WAIT (Working Adults Into Teaching), Organizational Management and Leadership, and Public Safety Management and Leadership.


Eddie B. Robertson, Ph.D.    27 years with Reinhardt: 1986-2013

Dr. Robertson taught geology, biology, immunology, ecology, and other related science courses. He was the chair of the biology and pre-nursing department and directed the Institute for Teaching Excellence. He received the Captain A.M. Reinhardt Award in 2009. Eddie Robertson and his wife Sylvia often went on field trips with students and hosted luncheons for students at their home. He continues serving Reinhardt students with tutoring.


Sylvia R. Robertson    24 years with Reinhardt: 1987-2011

Robertson was an associate professor of social work and worked in the Academic Support Office. She devoted her expertise to students with disabilities to provide them with the help they needed to achieve their educational goals through tutoring, advising, and mentoring, while also teaching sociology courses. She also served for a term as faculty chair and led the institutional effectiveness portion of a self-study. Sylvia Robertson, along with her spouse Eddie, maintain relationships with many of their former students and continue to be involved in Reinhardt events.


S. Beth Russell, Ph.D.    30 years with Reinhardt: 1988-2018

Dr. Russell was director of Counseling and Career Services, and later became associate professor of psychology and was in charge of internships. She was awarded the Elizabeth Moss Bailey ’28 Award in 2009, and a recipient of the Vulcan Teaching Excellence Award.

Larry Webb

Larry H. Webb    13 years with Reinhardt: 2003-2016

Webb specialized in media-related courses as assistant professor of communication. He also oversaw the Reinhardt University TeleVision (RUTV) Practicum and often assisted with many educational and promotional video productions made by the university, He was a vital aspect of the McCamish Broadcasting Center in its earliest years.

Donald Wilson, Jr., Ph.D. (1938-2021)   15 years with Reinhardt: 2003-2018

Dr. Wilson was the Coordinator of the Organizational Management and Leadership program, an associate professor of marketing, and served as interim dean of the McCamish School of Business. He consistently led and expanded the degree programs offered through the McCamish School of Business, and was imperative in the success of their programs.


JoEllen Bell Wilson (RU-1961)   33 years with Reinhardt: 1981-2015

Wilson graduated from Reinhardt College and returned to serve as alumni director, special assistant to the president, interim vice president for Student Affairs, adjunct faculty for the Price School of Education, and as vice president for Institutional Advancement and Community Relations. She was also president of the Reinhardt College Alumni Association, received the Captain A.M. Reinhardt Award in 2002, and has an endowment scholarship in her name. The Office of Advancement building is named in her honor.


Pamela S. Wilson, Ph.D.   22 years with Reinhardt: 1999-2021

Dr. Wilson was a professor and program coordinator for the Communication and Media Studies program. She served as the director of international studies from 2001-2006, where she coordinated international study programs, as well as special campus programs. Her courses included Intercultural Communication, Media and Culture, Film and Television Studies, Media Theories, and Museum Studies. She also led Reinhardt’s study abroad programs for four years.