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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Phoebe Hart ’24

Reinhardt University plays a special role in Pheobe Hart’s family. “My parents attended Reinhardt and met while they were here. They even got engaged at the bell tower! My sister just graduated, too.” Hart extends her Reinhardt Family Tradition as she joins the University as a sophomore.

Hart entered Reinhardt as a dual enrollment student and is now enjoying her first year as a full-time college student. “I really like building my own schedule and taking a variety of classes. I also enjoy meeting people and learning from their diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

As a sociology major, Hart looks to a career in teaching or social work. For now, though, she focuses on her classes and her job. “I’m working to put myself through college, and I’m grateful for support from the Sharp Scholarship. It gives me the opportunity to say focused without needed to be at work all the time. I’m slowly identifying my interests and look forward to becoming more involved in campus activities, so I can take full advantage of all that Reinhardt has to offer.”