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Lehigh Carbon Community College


The Price School of Education’s Fall 2023 graduates are celebrating the end of one chapter and the start of another. This week, undergraduates Halley Adams, Colby Carden, Alisa Christian, Tanner Carruth, and Jamison Syphore, and graduate students Valerie Christian and Rachael Cory earned their degrees. Each student will be bringing their well-earned expertise with them as they enter the doors of their classrooms as current and future educators.

Before enjoying a luncheon, each student presented their showcase, which told the story of their education and student teaching. Their fellow students and beloved faculty members listened on as the graduates recounted their experiences and highlighted their knowledge and passion for education.

Assistant Professor Karen Hawley says, “The showcases display the hard work and dedication of these students over the years. Price School of Education is very proud of their students and how well they have done and the wonderful comments we have received from their cooperating teachers in the schools.”

Reinhardt wishes the best for this cohort of graduates. We are extremely proud of and honored by these passionate and dedicated educators.