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Lehigh Carbon Community College


The National League for Nursing (NLN) is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in nursing education. Reinhardt University Assistant Professor for the Cauble School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Dr. Kimberlin Zelinsky, was honored to be a presenter at the annual NLN Education Summit on September 29.

The annual NLN Summit brings nursing educators together from all over the United States. This year’s conference theme was “Extraordinary Nurse Educators Leading in Extraordinary Times” and was held near Washington DC. Dr. Zelinsky presented on the topic of establishing a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) for Pre-licensure BSN students.

Her presentation was focused on efforts to enhance relationships with clinical partners and empower nurses to mentor students to improve their clinical experiences. She specifically highlighted strategies that are applicable in a variety of clinical rotation models and the benefits to both the health facility and students.