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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Dr. Randall Trammell receives award from Bill Bolling.

Congratulations to Randell Trammell, Ed.D., ’03 ’09, Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement (GCCE)! Trammell was honored with Georgia’s annual 2022 Bill Bolling Nonprofit Leader of the Year Award.

The award’s namesake, Bill Bolling, was the founding director of the Atlanta Community Foodbank and was instrumental in the development of Feeding America. Bolling is legendary in Georgia for the impact of his work and his visionary approach to it. Bolling presented his namesake award Saturday night at the TechBridge Digital Ball. “Anyone who is in the nonprofit world in Georgia knows Bill as a visionary that led his organization to new heights and inspired so many others along the way,” said Trammel. “To be presented with an award by him bearing his name means a lot to me both personally and professionally.”

Nominated individuals are described as collaborative, innovative, impactful, and servant leaders. They exemplify the abilities and vision required to transform communities, and understand the importance of relationships between business, government, and the non-profit sector. In true form, Trammell shared, “As a nonprofit leader, I am only successful because of the partnership with and work of our board and staff.”

The Georgia Center for Civic Engagement is a non-partisan nonprofit organization that exists to educate and equip students to become informed and active citizens. The organization is helping lead the way for quality civic education in Georgia and serves as a national model of best practices.

TechBridge is a nonprofit that aims to break the cycle of generational poverty through the innovative use of technology to transform nonprofit and community impact. The organization equips other nonprofits with technology that allows them to expand the impact of their missions. Each year, TechBridge hosts the TechBridge Digital Ball, which “celebrates providing sponsors and supporters with the opportunity to engage in community empowerment and social impact using technology.”