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The Rev. Timothy J. Emmett speaks during the service of remembrance and hope held April 25 at the new Cascading Ponds Patio at Lake Mullenix. Photo by Tim Norton

The Reinhardt University family gathered Tuesday to remember those in the University community who have gone from this Earth in the past year.

More than 50 attended the service of remembrance and hope held at the new Cascading Ponds Patio at Lake Mullenix. The service was led by the Rev. Timothy J. Emmett, pastor of Waleska United Methodist Church and the Rev. Dr. C.R. Hill Jr., spiritual health and education advisor.

Rev. Emmett spoke of the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how those who are gone are not gone forever. He spoke of how when the family grieves, they grieve as believers who know that their loved ones are in heaven.

“We gather acknowledging that death hurts, death takes, death separates. It does cast a shadow,” Rev. Emmett said. “We may gather in the shadow of death, but we gather as those who know that although we grieve, we do not grieve as those who have no hope. We gather as those who believe … one day we will gather together as God’s people and we will dance on death’s grave because death will die and we will be raised to nevermore die.”

Rev. Emmett read aloud each name of the Reinhardt family members who have died in the past year.

Dr. Hill, whose wife Jackie Hill was one of the family members remembered, read his poem “Strive For The Long View,” which highlighted that life should be about living for eternity.

“O’ may we gathered here today, all heed their inviting cry, then set our souls for the longer view, where they with Jesus live on high.”

The list represents the names of the family members who died in the last year:

Erwin H. Aderhold

Paul Henry Anderson

Dr. Julian Andrew (Andy) Archer

Randall C. Bagwell

Betty A. Barge

Fred F. Boling

Robert E. Bridges

Christopher Chandler

Curtis A. Chapman

Brian Collett

Michael Collins

Billie Davis

Margaret T. Dobson

Richard J. Dowis

Jimmie Foxx Duncan

Carl C. Edge

Larry H. Eubanks

Donnie Haney

Evelyn L. Hayes

Jackie Hill

Wilson A. Hix

Elaine Hubbard

Marjorie H. Hubbard

J.R. Huddlestun

Kathryn Hutsenpiller

Lanier R. Ingram

Richard R. Jaeger

Allen O. Jernigan

Roy W. Johnson

Robert K. Kastl

Bill Kennedy

Robert E. Leonard

Harriett A. Lindsey

Clifford G. Long

Margaret Valero McPherson

Roger O. Miller

Wayne L. Mooneyhan

Quentin Omario Moses

Rickey J. Nealey

Judson Padgett Nelson

James W. Norton

Janeal Orr

Joan Padgett

Virginia C. Prather

Geraldine Katzen Radell

Rebecca Wood Ray

William Odell Riley

Virginia L. Robb

Judson Roberts

Garry W. Smith

Lovedia S. Snow

Bill D. Snyder

Houston P. Spencer

Hugh S. Spruill

Charles Teague

Eugenia Tucker

William Marcus Wallace

Hayden Whitaker

Reuben O. Wilson