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Lehigh Carbon Community College

La’Maya Matthew, ’25

La’Maya Matthew set her sights on Reinhardt University at a very young age. “When I was in 7th grade, we drove by Reinhardt. When I saw the campus, I said ‘I’m going there,'” she said. Years later, when the time came for college exploration, Matthew knew exactly where she wanted to go – Reinhardt University. “I feel like God definitely brought me here. He knew that this place was for me!”

Matthew is a freshman pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. “I want to be a lawyer. I’m very passionate about social injustice, which may be my pursuit.”

Matthew now enjoys life at Reinhardt, just as she envisioned. “So many of my expectations about college life came from TV and I have been pleasantly surprised, beyond what had influenced me. The residence halls are nice, everyone is supportive, and no one acts superior to anyone else. And the professors are great. They genuinely care about their students, their grades, and their success, both inside and out of the classroom.”

Matthew wasted no time getting involved in campus life. “I sing and participated in chorus through high school. I thought I wanted to continue, but Reinhardt offers so many other opportunities to explore. I still sing in church on Sundays, but here at Reinhardt I am exposed to many options that expand my interests. I currently serve as the women’s basketball team manager. I love being involved in basketball and the energy on the court. It’s been an interest since fifth grade, and now I have a chance to engage in new activities.”

Matthew says that receiving the Mary Jane Reinhardt Sharp Scholarship solidifies her belief in destiny. “I was incredibly proud to be selected for the scholarship. I was happy to simply be selected as a potential applicant! My essay – one of the application requirements – received positive and encouraging comments. It was ‘heartfelt and touching.’ I just put my heart into it — something that I do with everything, and how I intend to be successful here at Reinhardt, where I always wanted to be!”