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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Amberle Godfrey

Since 1988 Reinhardt University’s ADay for Reinhardt campaign for Cherokee County students has given nearly $10 million in scholarships. The University is bringing the same program to Pickens County with the launch of ADay for Reinhardt Pickens County.

“We are extremely grateful for the leadership of our brand new ADay for Pickens scholarship team led by Amberle Godfrey,” said Tim Norton, vice president for advancement and marketing. “We anticipate great things as we seek to build and grow support for Pickens County students attending Reinhardt University.”

Recruitment continues for ADay for Reinhardt Pickens County board members as the University establishes the fund. Once the scholarship program is funded, Pickens County residents attending Reinhardt University can receive up to $8,000 during their four years at the institution.

“Just 15 minutes away from Jasper, Reinhardt University is a great opportunity for Pickens County students wanting to receive a quality education close to home,” said Dale Scarlett Morrissey, director of development and external relations for Reinhardt University. “We continue to seek those who want to get involved and help students who might not normally have the opportunity to attend a university.”

The first chair of ADay for Reinhardt Pickens County is Jasper resident Amberle Godfrey. Involved in the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce and a non-traditional Reinhardt University student herself, Godfrey knows the benefits of a Reinhardt education.

“Reinhardt University is a stone’s throw from Pickens County, and it is a wonderful, welcoming place to receive a quality education,” Godfrey said. “The faculty and staff are friendly and helpful, and the campus is welcoming. It is a great setting in which to learn.”

Others who have chosen to support ADay for Reinhardt Pickens County as board members are: Gerry Nechvatal, of the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce; Parish Lowrie, of Parish Lowrie Insurance and Financial Services; Angie Jones ’94, Pickens County president of Renasant Bank; Andrew Diemer, owner of Day’s Chevrolet; Dr. Crystal Landrum, of Landrum & Landrum; Chris Wallace, principal of Pickens County High School; Melissa Jordan, marketing officer for Community Bank of Pickens County; Mallory Childers ’10, Pickens County teacher; and Mark Mitton, vice president of consumer lending/IT for Community Bank of Pickens County.

To get involved by giving and/or serving on the ADay for Reinhardt Pickens County board, contact Dale Morrissey at (770) 720-5506 or