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Lehigh Carbon Community College

At 15 years old, Frederick Harp watched the 2008 election in fascination, studying and keeping up with the political climate. This inspired his choice to major in political science.

Harp’s time studying at Reinhardt University has led to his internship at the State Capitol with the Georgia Legislative Internship ProgramHarp said Reinhardt honed several skills necessary for the program – he found debates, discussions and presentations in the classroom especially helpful.

One of Harp’s “crowning achievements as a student” was Dr. SimonPeter Gomez’s comment following his political theory class presentation. Gomez told Harp that his presentation on Diogenes the Cynic was one of the best presentations on a philosopher he had ever had a student give.

“A compliment like that from Dr. Gomez isn’t lightly given, it’s earned through hours of studying and preparation,” Harp said. “That not only motivated me but proved to me that I was ready to do this internship.”

Along with Harp, Noah Bailey will join him as they spend this spring semester learning from members of the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives. Harp and Bailey were chosen for this competitive program from thousands of applicants.

“I am most looking forward to the people I will meet and connections I will make in the program,” said Bailey.

This is not the first time Reinhardt has been represented in this internship program. Gomez supported several other students last spring to participate, including Tyler Gaines, who is now enrolled at University of Georgia School of Law.

Harp has made it a goal to earn a law degree and sees this internship as an opportunity to meet people who will aid his future career in politics.

“I am absolutely ecstatic that I was chosen to be a part of something so exclusive and important,” said Harp. “I look forward to contributing, in any small way, to the legislative process.”