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Lehigh Carbon Community College

‘Big Thumper’ by Kendrick Shackleford

A visiting artist and Reinhardt alumnus will display his work in the Falany Performing Arts Center Nov. 15 – Dec. 17 in what will be the first of many art exhibits on campus.

“In an attempt to have more art on campus, I contacted my friend and former student Kendrick (Shackleford) about a year ago to see if he would exhibit his work and give a lecture about it,” said Brett Mullinix, assistant professor of art and fine arts program coordinator. “He was more than happy to do so, and now he will be doing just that later this month. This is hopefully the first of many biennial shows that the art program will be bringing to the Reinhardt campus. We have another alumni artist scheduled to come in Fall of 2018.”

Shackleford earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Reinhardt University in 2002 and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He serves as an art professor at UNC-Chapel Hill. As an artist exhibiting his paintings and drawings, his work can be found in various galleries including New York City and Chicago.

“The work that will be on display begins with a layering of marks both with markers and India ink. The color is then incorporated into the work much as the marks are. I want there to be a synthesis between mark making and the application of color,” Shackleford said of his work. “The forms begin when the marks and the colors start to produce tangible shapes. However nothing is taken for granted until the work is complete. During the drawing process, the paper can be rotated or cut until something of interest emerges. What I am after are suggestions of forms. I want the work to visually oscillate between process and product. In the end the work is finished when it doesn’t need me anymore. It feels a little like tuning a guitar rather than a Eureka moment. I’m always skeptical of the emotions surrounding the completion of a work. So I tend to deliberately push it a little too far and then try to bring it back in tune.”

Shackleford also will impart his knowledge on to Reinhardt students (and anyone else who wishes to attend) during a short lecture Nov. 16 at 3:30 p.m. in the edit lab in the Falany Center.

“I think having the opportunity for students, especially art students, to interact with an alumnus who is working within the discipline in which he studied is priceless. So many times students and their parents ask, ‘What can my child do with a degree in fine art?’ Kendrick’s work and life accomplishments are great answers to that question, and it will be beneficial for students to see it in person as opposed to listening to us go on about all the possibilities available with an art degree,” Mullinix said.

Hours for the exhibit are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesdays through Thursdays, and prior to events and concerts at The Falany Center.