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Lehigh Carbon Community College

From left to right: Captain Benjamin Cohen, Deputy Chief Jeffery Adcock, Interim President Mark A. Roberts, Chief Tim Cox, Deputy Chief Orrin Hamilton, Deputy Chief Stuart VanHoover and Interim Dean of the School of Professional Studies Trey Drawdy.

Reinhardt University awarded a recent graduate from the Cobb County Police Academy with a scholarship to further his education in criminal justice, just one of many who will benefit from the newly formed educational pathway between the two organizations.

Reinhardt formed an educational pathway agreement with the Cobb County Police Department to offer law enforcement professionals the opportunity to continue pursuing education, an opportunity that provides well-rounded knowledge and has the potential to open new doors in an officer’s career.

“This partnership can be the cornerstone or initial building block for new officers, who may have never had an opportunity to attend college, to begin their law enforcement career and also move forward with a degree that will benefit them for the rest of their lives,” said Chief C.T. Cox.

Captain Benjamin Cohen ’12 ’18, academy director of the Cobb County Public Safety Training Center, believes the police academy will benefit from the partnership by offering an easier way to obtain a college degree, creating a more educated organization.

“Some recruits come to the Cobb County Police Department from the military or from the workforce and have not had the opportunity to begin their college career. Reinhardt University knows this and wants to help our young officers obtain their educational goals in an affordable and fun way.”

Sergeant Michael Gosman, professional development and EVOC manager, recognizes the importance of education during police academy training.

“Modern policing is a complicated job that takes well-rounded and intelligent people with effective interpersonal communication and writing skills,” said Gosman. “In addition to the academy’s training, furthering an officer’s knowledge through traditional education will help build skills over time to master the profession.”

The partnership enables training officers to advance their skills and knowledge through a number of college degree programs, including undergraduate criminal justice and business degrees, and the Master of Public Administration program that includes the Executive Command and Leadership program.

“A well-educated law enforcement officer will be a more professional, well-rounded police officer that is willing to evaluate all situations based on a better understanding of the many aspects and cultures of the community,” said Cox. “The officer will develop critical thinking skills that will serve them well while serving the citizens and helping solve problems.”

The Cobb County Police Academy celebrated its recent mandate graduates with a ceremony at the academy’s new training center in Austell, Georgia. During the event, Bruce Borah received the $1,000 Leader’s Scholarship from Reinhardt. Borah was recognized for his stellar academic leadership of the graduating class. With the partnership’s scholarships, law enforcement officers will be exposed to police training in a different way.

“Studies have shown that officers who possess an undergraduate or graduate degree generally do much better de-escalate complex and challenging situations,” said Gosman. “Their decision-making process and ability to unravel complex issues are usually more informed by their higher education exposure. As a result, this benefits the office, the department and the community the officer serves.”

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