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Reinhardt University showcased the exceptional  work of its students at the 2021 Robert L. Driscoll Convocation of Artists & Scholars this week. The two-day event consisted of student presentations and exhibits that spanned across all disciplines – a harmonious representation of Reinhardt’s thriving liberal arts environment. 

Cybersecurity major, Jonathan Robert Paolozzi, discusses his internship at Flint Chestnut Orchard.

President Mark A. Roberts, Ph.D., formally opened the first session of this year’s Convocation. 

“Spring brings many, many pleasures: warm days, colorful blooms, flowers, the greening of bare, brown trees, and at Reinhardt, the Robert Driscoll Convocation of Artists & Scholars. At this Convocation, Reinhardt’s learning community organizes itself to share what we have learned, what we have come to know and what we are now aiming to create or perform.” 

Roberts noted Reinhardt’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church and reflected on the meaning of the word “method.” The word’s roots can be broken down to mean “going out by means of a particular path or road.” 

“At the core of learning and knowing and creating and performing is the understanding and the application of sound methodology…a method is the root of learning. It is the root of knowing, the root of creating, the root of good performances. So, the teaching of methods may be the most important thing that students learn in the pursuit of higher education.” 

Reinhardt University Theater hosted the event with a variety of in-person and video presentations. Students were invited to attend six sessions across Tuesday and Wednesday, with art exhibits to view in between sessions. The presentations were live streamed on the Falany Performing Arts Center and Reinhardt University Facebook pages for others to attend virtually. 

The faculty at Reinhardt work closely alongside students to complete research projects often only found at the graduate level in other higher education institutions. Low faculty-to-student ratios enable faculty members to walk students through the process, up until the point of presentation. These professors introduced their students before their research was presented. From wildlife research to first-hand stories of working in a hospital during the global pandemic, musical performances and student experiences – the event felt as diverse as Reinhardt’s students and their interests. 

Traditional spring semester events closed out the week with Spring Day and International Culture Festival on Thursday.  

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