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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Winter Term will begin Dec. 7 and ends Jan. 3, 2021. Reinhardt students can enroll in one Winter Term course. Courses will be offered online.

“With last year’s success of Reinhardt’s first Winter Term, we have decided to offer the Winter Term to students again for 2020,” said Dr. Jacob Harney, interim provost. “This option gives students the opportunity to complete a course in four weeks, online, allowing them to finish course requirements in a more efficient manner. The Winter Term also allows us to offer a unique variety of courses not typically offered during the fall and spring semesters.”

Courses offered for this Winter Term include Art Appreciation, World History II, American Government, and Football American Culture and Baseball American Culture.

Reinhardt students are not the only eligible students to take Winter Term classes. Students from schools within College Consortium can enroll, along with transient students.

The cost for the term is $750. No additional fees will be charged, and Financial Aid cannot be used.