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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach

While preparing for an April performance, the Reinhardt University Wind Ensemble had a unique audience: several rows of Flint Hall were filled with children.

Director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning, Dr. Mason Conklin, connected Reinhardt’s Wind Ensemble with Classical Conversations, a Christian home school organization. When getting his own children involved in the trip to campus, an opportunity formed a bond between the University and the community.

“Dr. Daniel Kirk and our student performers in the Reinhardt University Wind Ensemble have graciously shared their talents and time to engage with and inspire these visiting students from the Canton Classical Conversations community,” said Conklin.

After watching their practice, Classical Conversations students took to the stage to test out the ensemble’s instruments.

Classical Conversations is a global organization with more than 8,000 programs worldwide. The organization uses a classical model to teach the arts of grammar, dialectic and rhetoric, and the organization teaches children how to learn new skills.

Conklin hopes to continue connecting the University with the community through his position with CITEL.

“This event marks the first of what I hope is many partnerships between Reinhardt University and the innovative teachers in public, private and home school education in Cherokee County,” he said. “Together, we are always learning.”

The mission of CITEL is to foster a campus culture that values collaboration and interaction among students and teachers to nurture innovation in the practice of teaching and to emphasize the role of engagement in learning. If you’re interested in connecting with the Center, contact Dr. Mason Conklin at