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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach 

The process of finding the college that best suits one’s needs can be a complicated one. With so many factors to consider—degree programs offered, opportunities for involvement, location, professor-to-student ratio—one of the biggest factors students and their families consider, and that often causes the most stress, is the cost. 

Financial Aid counselors work with students throughout the admissions process and their time as an Eagle.

According to CollegeCalc, the average cost of tuition in the state of Georgia during the 2018-2019 academic year was $10,081. For private, non-profit, in-state tuition, the average cost in Georgia last academic year more than doubled at $23,153. These figures can appear daunting to those approaching the college search for the first time, but with its financial aid options, Reinhardt University aims to offer students a more realistic cost to budget for while still offering the best possible experience, one that is unique for those attending a private institution like Reinhardt.  

During the first campus visit, potential students receive more than a tour of its residence halls and academic buildings. Admissions counselors provide information on financial aid options, even before acceptance or enrollment, and those visiting are invited to meet with financial aid counselors. In fact, financial aid counselors continuously work with students throughout the entire admissions process to ensure they are paying the best possible price – from Experience Reinhardt to work study jobs that allow students to earn money without leaving campus during the semester. During the 2018-2019 academic year, 95% of Reinhardt students received financial aid, with Reinhardt providing $33.9 million to make education more affordable.  

Joshua Teague ’20 | Business Administration | Student Body President 

Joshua Teague came to campus when an admissions counselor reached out and convinced him to visit. He immediately fell in love with the University and felt God had directed him to make the choice to become an Eagle.  

“I decided to come here before I ever saw how much the school would cost,” said Teague. “When I found out, I panicked a little.” 

Teague spoke with the admissions office to figure out what he could do to afford the school he felt called to attend. Admissions counselors encouraged him to seek involvement opportunities that provided scholarships. 

“It was through their efforts to get me here as well as my desire to be at Reinhardt that made everything possible and affordable,” Teague said. “If it wasn’t for their efforts in working hard to get me here, I would not have been able to afford college for these last four years.” 

Through his involvement with the athletic department, residence life and financial aid, Teague has been able to achieve great accomplishments, such as becoming Student Body President his senior year. Teague also serves as an athletics communication and media assistant, a resident assistant and is involved with the National Residence Hall Honorary. 

“These scholarships have enabled me to be active on campus and enjoy my time meeting new people and creating friendships that will last me a lifetime. It has also enabled me to have references from a lot of people that can help me get job opportunities after college,” said Teague. “Reinhardt’s financial aid differs from others because no other school would have allowed me to be as active as I have been.” 

Teague often receives questions about his busy schedule with all his involvement, but he feels he has gained more of a social life through meeting new people in each organization, all while maintaining a 3.6 GPA. 

“Reinhardt has given me an experience I will cherish forever. I could not have asked for anything more and I would not have come even close to the amount of involvement I have had here anywhere else.” 

Teon Burroughs ’21 | Sport Studies | Student Athlete 

When Teon Burroughs was looking for colleges, Reinhardt’s proximity to his home attracted his attention. Compared to other colleges he considered, Reinhardt offered an amount in scholarships that enabled him to receive an education and play football as an Eagle. 

“Reinhardt’s financial benefits and scholarships given all around by the athletics programs have significantly cut down my out of pocket expenses, allowing me to continue my education and football career here,” Burroughs said. 

Burroughs found other opportunities on campus that have been helpful in paying for college expenses, including a job at the Gordy Dining Center.  

Compared to similar options Burroughs considered in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, he found Reinhardt to be the right fit. 

“Reinhardt’s financial aid is more helpful and plentiful than other private NAIA schools.” 

While private schools can often prove to be higher in tuition, Burroughs chose to pursue a private institution because of the financial opportunities offered to him by sports programs.