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Georgia Power presented Reinhardt University a rebate check for nearly $20,000. The energy savings stem from the energy efficient components of Reinhardt’s newly completed construction projects.

When the Reinhardt University Theater, Eagles View residence hall and expansion of the Gordy Dining Center were in the planning stages, energy efficiency was on the minds of the architect and engineers from the beginning.

That foresight has earned Reinhardt University more than $19,000 in rebates from the Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program. The check was presented Sept. 14 by Sam Wills, key account manager for Georgia Power and Joe Brownlee, area manager for Georgia Power, to Reinhardt President Kina S. Mallard, Director of Facilities Jeff Dale and Chief Financial Officer Stephanie Owens.

With the energy efficient upgrades, Reinhardt University is saving more than 350 MWh per month and has reduced the University’s overall carbon footprint.

“We are dedicated to helping customers make smart energy choices and identify ways to save money and lower their overall energy costs,” said Brownlee. “This rebate check recognizes a concentrated effort by Georgia Power and Reinhardt University. We are looking forward to working with this institution to find additional ways to make the campus more energy efficient.”

The majority of the energy savings comes from the use of LED lighting in the Reinhardt University Theater, Gordy Dining Center and Eagles View Residence Hall.

“This type of lighting does not pull as much energy and in doing all of this, we don’t have as much of a carbon footprint,” Dale said.

Dr. Garland Reynolds, the architect for all three projects, said other energy efficient items in the projects include new chillers in the HVAC systems, as well as insulation and Low-e insulated glass.

“Energy efficiency was one of the prime considerations for the buildings,” Reynolds said. “Everything about it was geared toward energy efficiency. There was much thought put into everything.”

Reynolds said much of the thought process behind the project and the engineering work is credited to Jim Matheson for the mechanical design and Paul Tankersley for the electrical design.

The new buildings on campus are a starting point to making Reinhardt University more energy efficient, and both Reynolds and Dale said the University is working on a retrofitting plan for the entire campus.

“We are getting plans in place to do more of a retrofit on campus so we are being more energy efficient. The big plans include changing out lights and replacing HVAC systems,” Reynolds said