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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jack Haller

Reinhardt University’s unique MFA in Creative Writing program, with its summer residencies and one-on-one guidance with award-winning writers, was ranked as one of the nation’s most affordable online Master’s in Creative Writing programs by OnlineU.

Reinhardt’s online Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program, directed by Bill Walsh, was ranked 19th on the 2020 Most Affordable Master’s in Creative Writing Online list by OnlineU. The website is dedicated to locating and ranking the most affordable online undergraduate and graduate degrees at various colleges and universities around the country and can also be broken down by the desired degree.

Walsh said Reinhardt’s MFA program is a great way to dive into the creative writing community with exposure to some of the best in the field.

“The RU MFA program is affordable and agreat way for students to earn a master’s degree in creative writing, while working with some of the best writers in the country,” said Walsh. “Our students have busy lives. Most are working adults with a life-long passion to be writers. In pursuit of that goal, they are exposed to award-winning writers who mentor them one-on-one to be novelist, poets, dramatists or screenwriters.”

The creative writing program is rigorous but brings out the full potential of every student who goes through it with consistent mentoring from Reinhardt’s professors and numerous successful authors. It serves to form students into well-rounded writers, while also allowing opportunity for students to learn how to write in their genre of choice.

“It is a two-year journey where you are going to change as a writer and person. It’s a 60-hour program of interesting classes, mentorships, friendship, publishing and learning how to write in your genre in order to publish a book,” Walsh said.

Courses include content that covers writing and editing, along with specific storytelling techniques such as dialogue, place and setting, image, character development and plot. Writers enrolled in the program fine tune their skills, all while fitting their schoolwork into their lives.

“The best thing about the program is that students complete 90 percent of all their work from home at their own schedule and pace,” said Walsh. “It is accommodating to the working adult.”

The Etowah Valley MFA in Creative Writing program is the only low-residency program in the state and has pushed countless students to move ahead in their creative writing careers. They are able to receive exposure to some of the best writers in the U.S. and get a degree in what they love while continuing to focus on their personal lives.

Reinhardt’s creative writing alumni are publishing their works; some are going on to earn doctorate degrees. Walsh describes the experience as “an enjoyable and rewarding adventure.”

“If you are serious about becoming a better writer who can go on to publish books, this program is perfect for the non-traditional student. Above all else, even though there is a large amount of work and the program is thorough, it is fun. Our students enjoy themselves while learning. This is a time for deep, creative and intellectual growth—why not have fun doing it, too?”

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