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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Rosalynn Burns, Sharp Scholar

Growing up in nearby Canton with a Reinhardt alumnus as her father, Freshman Rosalynn Burns says she has known about Reinhardt all her life. “Reinhardt is kind of a ‘hometown university.’ I always wanted to be the kid who got out of town, but it turned out that Reinhardt fit my needs best.” Burns says she looked at other schools, but “the band program pulled me to Reinhardt.” She plays the French horn and wanted a school where she could pursue both her love of music and dreams of being a veterinarian. “It all worked out!”

Although she loves big cats, Burns intends to work with domestic animals and exotics – like birds and reptiles. While at Reinhardt, this Sharp Scholar is currently pursuing a biology degree with plans to attend veterinarian school. “I feel an undying love for animals,” she says. “I always want to help them and their owners as much as I can.”

Burns says that Reinhardt has exceeded all expectations. “I love the Reinhardt community, its beautiful campus, and all the friends I’ve made here. Sometimes meeting new people can be a struggle, but Reinhardt has made it easy. Everyone is so friendly. My teachers, Dr. Appignani, Dr. Felix and Keith Ray have been great, and support me completely in becoming a veterinarian. And then there’s the music program, which has been like a family.”

Burns credits her mom for encouraging her to apply for the Sharp Scholarship and supporting her through the application and interview processes. “Together we talked about the scholarship and what it meant. It is a true honor to be associated with Mary Jane Reinhardt Sharp.”

Burns says she was ecstatic when she heard that she was chosen for the Scholarship. “I was really proud,” she says. “I remember calling my mom and saying ‘Guess what? I got it!’ The Sharp Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity – and the news that I would be receiving the scholarship made for a really good week at my house!”