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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Dr. Cheryl Brown, professor of sociology, began her journey at Reinhardt University in fall 2012, and has been inspiring and mentoring both students and colleagues alike through her passion for travel and sociology ever since.

“I love the moment in class when students ‘get it.’ They are able to see their world on multiple levels simultaneously and how others affect them, as well as how they can change their environment. For many students, at that moment, the world makes sense in a very real way,” Brown said.

The inspiring professor takes the need and benefit for travel seriously as she has led almost 30 international trips to places like Mexico, England, Ireland and Cuba. In 2016, Reinhardt students made the world a better place under the leadership of Dr. Brown as they raised almost $9,000 to help build a water system for the village of El Tablón, Hidalgo, Mexico and then promptly aided in building the cistern itself that would bring clean water to 70 families.

“Dr. Cheryl Brown is the consummate academic,” said Dr. Jake Harney, associate provost. “She is an outstanding teacher, advisor and mentor to students and a collegial and supportive faculty member of the highest order.”

Brown holds degrees from Georgia State University (M.A., Ph.D.), and her B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Agnes Scott College. Before joining Reinhardt University, she was a Korean Linguist with the U.S. Army, owned her own company and spent several years as an I.D. Tech with DeKalb County Police.