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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Jym Davis

Since 2006, Associate Professor of Art Jym Davis has used his passion for art to teach, as well as mentor, students at Reinhardt University in their path toward creative careers. Davis, a photographer and mask-making sculptor, has had many pieces of his own work displayed in galleries in places such as Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Russia, New York, California, Ireland and more. With a BA in Art from Carson-Newman University, an independent study from the University of Tennessee, as well as an MFA in Drawing, Painting and Video from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Davis is someone who has devoted his life’s work to art and its many aspects.

Through his studies and line of work as an artist, Davis has a wide knowledge of the arts and has used this to help build the foundation of the many students who come through the art department with the hopes of turning their creative ambitions into professions.

“Because the department settings are small, we are really able to be a mentor our students. In the art program, for instance, it is always so exciting to watch a student find his or her own artistic path. They have so much academic and personal growth during their time at our University. A big part of being a professional artist is finding your own voice and attaining self-confidence and so I really try to develop those attributes in our art majors. I really feel like Reinhardt is able to foster that confidence in our students.”

Someone with a love for what they do like Davis has a lasting effect on students during their time at Reinhardt, as well as the road after graduation.

Mr. Davis, your work and efforts here at Reinhardt have helped and had an impact on all that have come through the Art Program, and for that, we thank you.