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Lehigh Carbon Community College


Left to right: Jonathan Mason Johnson, Abbey Maryfield, Ariana Azahar, Catherine Shope, Stephen Taylor

The artwork of seniors Ariana Azahar, Jonathan Mason Johnson, Catherine Shope, Abbey Maryfield, and Stephen Taylor is on exhibit now through April 26 in the upper level of the atrium at the Falany Performing Arts Center (FPAC).

“All graduating art students must take ART491 (Concentration Seminar) and ART492 (Thesis Exhibition & Portfolio),” says Jym Davis, associate professor of art. “During those classes they pick a theme and create artwork specific to that theme over the course of year. The classes culminate in the Senior Art Showcase at the end of the spring semester, which is an opportunity for them to share their work with the Reinhardt community.”

“Having my art showcased gives me a sense of accomplishment and completion,” says Azahar. “It is very rewarding to finally be done and be able to see the fruits of all my labor. The most rewarding experience is just being able to see my art actually there physically for everyone to see, and not simply some drawings on my laptop, but whole framed and printed works.”

Visitors to the Senior Art Showcase will see a variety of art and artistic styles, reflective of each students’ area of interest and concentration. The art ranges from digital illustration to drawing, ceramics, and painting.

The artwork can be viewed Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and during any special events at the FPAC.