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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Several students were baptized during Common Ground’s weekly worship service on Tuesday evening in the Glasshouse. Pastor Josh Garner, Director of Spiritual Life, Leadership, and Service performed the baptisms on campus for the first time in all his years at Reinhardt.

Lily Belcher, Tre Goodgame, Tyler Ingram, and Bryce Johnson requested to be baptized at Reinhardt because they view the work of Campus Ministries as their church. Each was fully submerged in a tub as they professed Jesus as their savior and their understanding of baptism as an outward sign of an inward grace.

Garner is glad to have been able to provide this opportunity, “These students have a great community with each other. Students involved with Campus Ministries often encourage and pray for each other. These four students have been involved with our events and programs. They have felt an inner working of God’s grace, have come to follow Jesus, and want to express their faith to God publicly. Baptism is a beautiful declaration of God’s great love for us and our humble love back to God.”

Campus Ministries is just one of the many extracurricular activities offered to students. Those who are interested in growing their faith can participate in the program’s spiritual opportunities, small groups, mission trips, and service projects.