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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By: Amber Evans

Reinhardt University seeks to serve as a “home away from home” for all students – including those who commute to campus. The commuter lounge, located on the bottom floor of Lawson academic building, is the hub where commuter students take a break between classes and gather to study or simply relax.

Laura Chambers and Jennifer Gomez share a love for the Reinhardt community, leading to their involvement with the Student Government Association. They both served on the SGA commuter committee. After seeing a need to update the commuter lounge and discussing potential changes with other commuting students, the two seniors began brainstorming how to make life on campus for commuter students more welcoming.

“Before we asked for funds, we needed to make sure this is what the students wanted because that’s who we represent – the student body who elected us,” said Jennifer Gomez. “Therefore, we observed and asked students we saw in the lounge from October 2020-January 2021 about what changes they would like to see in the lounge.”

With feedback in mind, Chambers and Gomez brought their vision to Dr. Walter May, dean of students, and Luis Gonzalez, study body president. The two then brought the proposal to the senate floor and it was approved.

The renovations included new hardwood flooring and additional shelf and counter space as phase one in Gomez’s and Chamber’s plans to renovate the commuter lounge. Phase two included a Smart TV, coffee area and more décor.

“We have received so much feedback of students telling us they love the new renovation! The space looks fresh, clean and appreciated!” said Laura Chambers.

Chambers and Gomez encourage the student community to vote for their SGA senators in Fall of 2021. It is through student-led organizations such as SGA that Reinhardt allows students to have an active voice for change.

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