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Lehigh Carbon Community College


A Reinhardt University senior from the Canton area is doing the real work for the good life on the path of launching a fulfilling career. Emilee Hendrix is an English major with a concentration in literature who graduates this December, a semester early due to dual enrollment in high school.

Hendrix is an intern at Enjoy Cherokee Magazine where her first article was published last week. This experience is helping her finalize her future goals, “I’m really hoping I can work as an editor in the future, you know, either for a book publishing company, or what I’m doing now and work for a magazine or newspaper.” She previously interned with the James Dickey Review, published an essay in the Sanctuary magazine, edited three books written by Professor Bill Walsh, and she continues to work on multiple projects with him.

Hendrix emphasizes how beneficial relationships are with professors and taking advantage of learning opportunities outside of class is, “It seriously improves your college experience. It makes things easier if you can reach out to someone with questions or concerns, and who can guide you on the right path. I’m grateful to my advisor Dr. Morlier who has helped me throughout my time at Reinhardt and I am really grateful to Professor Walsh for helping set me up with this internship.”

The magazine is not only providing Hendrix with the opportunity to publish outside of Reinhardt, but it is also giving her a learning experience to delve deeper into her field of interest and make connections.