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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Suzy Alstrin

A three-concert series showcases the remarkable talents of twelve Reinhardt University instrumental majors and two faculty alongside the North Georgia Chamber Symphony (NGCS). This exciting collaboration includes NGCS professionals as they complete a week-long residency at Reinhardt.

The free, tandem performances take place on April 26th, 27th, and 28th, at the Gainesville Arts Council Pavilion, Young Harris College, and Falany Performing Arts Center, respectively. This combined symphonic orchestra performs masterworks by Mozart and Schubert.

Frederica Kpakpavi (RU-2027) sees the benefits of performing in a professional concert tour and explains, “Having different opportunities like this expands my horizons. I’m meeting people and building connections. It helps you learn new things about different instruments, which is something I need as a music education major.” Sophia DiLorenzo (RU-2024) agrees, “I’ve never played with string players before and it’s good to have this opportunity to collaborate and to round out our experiences as performance majors.”

This inaugural collaboration to benefit students fulfills a major goal of Dr. Fred Tarrant, dean of Reinhardt’s School of the Arts. Over the past year, his discussions with key personnel from both organizations and assistance from Dr. Alex Wasserman, Reinhardt’s assistant professor of piano, and Dr. Kerry Bryant, director of instrumental activities, led to this learning experience’s formation.

Reinhardt performers:
Frederica Kpakpavi, Bassoon
Sam Kopeski, Clarinet
Olivia Banks, Flute
Sophia DiLorenzo, Flute
Alix Sherry, Flute
Andrew Haynes, French Horn
Ryan Macomber, French Horn
Mak Jefferson, Percussion
Hayden Laney, Trumpet
Harrison Fuss, Trumpet
Blaine Bright, Trombone
Maegan Rees, Trombone
Prof. Jeanne Heinze, Clarinet
Prof. Dan Worley, Bassoon