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Lehigh Carbon Community College
By Jordan Beach  

Every year, Reinhardt students travel to Greece and every year they take in the country’s beauty, art and culture, amounting to a life-changing experience.  

Sarah Crawford ‘20 is studying digital design and wanted to experience the culture of a place new to her. Achieving this goal through the study abroad trip to Greece did not disappoint her expectations.  

“Going to Greece has changed my perspective on being a student,” said Crawford. “I have learned that life is bigger than just my studies at school and going to Greece has just made my love for being a student that much richer.”  

The trip in late May began in Athens, where eight students led by assistant professor of art, Brett Mullinix, and director of the theatre program, Dave Nisbet, stayed a few days to visit historic sites like the Parthenon and Acropolis, among others. Later in the trip, they flew to the island of Crete and visited ancient theaters and archeological sites and took a stop at the Institute for Aegean Prehistory Study Center.  

All the stops along the way made for a unique, immersive learning experience.  

“I gained a new way of thinking, to say the least,” said Crawford. “I gained more respect for the past and the study of how the Minoan civilization did things and the way their culture worked. Not to mention learning about different culture and full emerging myself within the Greek society.”  

Nisbet explained the reason for choosing to travel to Greece each year is due to its culture that serves to inspire. 

“Greece is chosen because it is the birthplace of western drama, philosophy, medicine and art. The landscape can inspire artists, plus, you can view ancient sculptures and architecture.” 

Theatre students explored the origins of their art form, allowing them to connect with the centuries of performers that came before them. 

“Many ancient theatres are extant and extremely interesting for drama students,” said Nisbet. “As a professor, I also can experience the ancient theaters and walk the same stages that actors trod 2,500 years ago. It is also a great way to truly interact with the students through the culture.” 

For Crawford, the highlight of the trip was the third-generation potter who showed them the process of clay making, different ways to mold the clay and about the kilns used to bake the pottery.  

“At the end of that excursion, the man allowed us to throw pottery on the wheels, and he showed us different techniques. That was something that I will take with me forever.”  

Reinhardt’s study abroad program allows for students to not only cherish unforgettable memories but enrich their studies by taking in the information they learn in the classroom in a hands-on, personal environment.  

“I am very grateful to Reinhardt for offering this opportunity for me and my classmates to go on this trip. I am going to take these memories, friendships I have made, and a richer sense of history with me forever,” Crawford said. 


All photos provided by Sarah Crawford.