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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Aiden Blockley ’22 and Taylor Titus ’23

Congratulations to senior Aidan Blockley and junior Taylor Titus on receiving scholarships from the RIZE Foundation. The mission of the RIZE Foundation is to provide students with scholarships that help them successfully turn a dream into a meaningful, skill-based degree and a rewarding career. Scholarships are available to students at any of the nearly 100 Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC) schools. This consortium of private colleges across the country – of which Reinhardt is a member – is dedicated to lowering the cost and increasing accessibility of higher education, and delivering new courses, programs and opportunities through RIZE Education.

Dylan Fogarty, Director of Academic Partnerships for RIZE shared, “I am excited that Reinhardt students were selected for one of the 2021 RIZE Foundation Scholarships. Nearly 300 students from around the country applied for eight available awards, in four categories: Women in STEM, First Generation Students, Student Life, and Growing Fields. Their applications were truly exceptional. We love having the chance to interact with Reinhardt students and look forward to providing more exciting opportunities to them in the years ahead.” The winner from each category received $2500, and the runner-up from each category received $500.

Blockley was named runner-up in Student Life, an award described as “whether sports, clubs, Greek life, or more – engaging in student life organizations is what makes college more than a degree.” Blockley shared, “I am so incredibly grateful for this very helpful scholarship.” The Criminal Justice: Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies major was to graduate in December 2021, but “wanted to stay an extra semester at Reinhardt. I applied to a few graduate schools, but their decisions were not to be announced until late February or early March. I thought it wise to stay at Reinhardt one more semester while awaiting their decisions. This extra time gave me the opportunity to complete research projects for my psychology and sociology classes – which also help me build my resume for both a job and acceptance into graduate school.”

Titus was named runner-up for Women in STEM, for “diverse perspectives that improve scientific rigor, with a goal to lift up women in the high-growth fields of science and technology.” Titus, a biology major and math minor, says the scholarship “will help me achieve my dreams with financial support, as I continue to complete both my major and my minor.”

“Reinhardt is excited about the incredible opportunities afforded our students by our growing relationship with RIZE LCMC, and the RIZE Foundation Scholarships awarded to these two outstanding students demonstrate the RIZE commitment to our Reinhardt students,” said Dana Hall, dean of graduate studies and special academic programs. The competition among applicants across the nation was stiff with nearly 300 applications for only a few scholarships, and our two Reinhardt scholarship recipients submitted exceptional applications. Congratulations to Taylor Titus and Aidan Blockley!”

For more information about the RIZE Foundation, the scholarships offered, or to apply for scholarships, visit the RIZE Foundation website.