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Lehigh Carbon Community College
Pictured: Editorial staff from left:
Top row: Jake Baratka (RU-2026), Wesley Sever (RU-2026), Mason Dockrey (RU-2025)
Middle: Caitlyn Cain (RU-2026), Zach Hale (RU-2026)
Bottom: Caitlin Brown (RU-2026), Kaitlyn Williams (RU-2027), Matthew Tinaglia (RU-2025)
Cover photo by Caitlin Brown

By Suzy Alstrin

Sanctuary, an annual interdisciplinary literary arts journal demonstrating the artistic nature of university staff, faculty, and students, launched this Spring at Reinhardt. As a part of Professor Bill Walsh’s Literary Editing and Publishing course, students review submissions of photography, art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and interviews and collaborate on which to include. Working in different roles, they delegate, edit, revise, assemble, and publish the journal. Caitlyn Cain (RU-2026) excitedly conveyed, “I learned about the publishing process and how to overcome difficulties as a team while working on the Sanctuary. I also loved getting to see everyone’s works and how beautiful a lot of them were.”

Walsh explains the real-world benefits, “This gives them experience with nuances in the business world and everyone has a responsibility that affects everyone else. They resolve disagreements and figure things out which is the goal of becoming prepared for life on the job.” He enjoys every minute of the process and is proud of the final products – a quality magazine and literary students gaining critical publishing experience while bonding.

Jake Baratka (RU-2026) served as editor-in-chief for the 2024 edition. Highlights include poems by Olivia Ruzicka (RU-2024) and an interview by Emma Ponková (RU-2027), conducted with her father in the Czech Republic. The editorial staff dedicated the volume to English Professor Michelle Harlow, who recently retired after 35 years of serving Reinhardt.