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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Self-awareness and perseverance were some of the key components of Tina Savas’ talk during the first Community Gathering Series of spring semester.

The event was sponsored by the Reinhardt Women’s Leadership Program, of which Savas’ niece, RU freshman Taylor Savas, is a member.

Savas, of Birmingham, Ala., visited Reinhardt University’s Bannister Glasshouse Jan. 25 to talk to the community about her accomplishments as an entrepreneur, as well as her book “Women of True Grit.” She also shared her one word – a component of the Reinhardt Women’s Leadership Program – and what President Dr. Kina Mallard asked to speak of: Vision.

Savas highlighted some of the 40 women that she interviewed for her book, all of whom were the “first in their field.”

“I have learned a lot of secrets to success and leadership,” Savas said, adding that the No. 1 trait all 40 of the women had was “they did.”

They did what was necessary, persevered and were resilient, she said.

Savas’ presentation also contained advice concerning “vision” and whether people are born with it, dream about it, or see a hole and want to fill it.

With college students listening closely, Savas discussed the keys to becoming successful in any field. Her main goals were “becoming self-aware, having perseverance and practice.”

She also likened one’s journey to a boat – she said to make sure to have a paddle and know how to use it (being self-aware) ; stay in the boat no matter what (persevere); and be careful of who is invited in the boat (be surrounded by people of like mind and goals).

Savas closed her lecture with a few words of advice: “Don’t let society constrain you or contain you. Don’t let society tell you the way you have to be.”

The next Community Gathering Series will be held Feb. 22 at 1 p.m. in the Bannister Glasshouse, Hasty Student Center. The topic is Perspectives: Black History Month.