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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The Reinhardt University community gathered under a near perfect, blue-sky afternoon around Lake Mullenix on April 5 for a dedication and naming ceremony for Townsend Bridge.

Local resident and Reinhardt Board of Trustees member, Dr. Austin Flint, responding to a birthday wish last summer from Reinhardt President Kina S. Mallard, set out to raise the necessary funds to build a bridge across the lake and the result is a stunning addition to Reinhardt’s “University in a Park.”

Townsend Bridge, named in honor of lifelong Waleska residents Stanley and Dottie Townsend, bridges the divide between the main academic core of the campus and the Falany Performing Arts Center.

“We think of it as a real bridge across the campus that students can use and one that will symbolically bridge students together, bring the world closer together so to speak,” said Dr. Flint.

Townsend Bridge was another step in growing and nudging Reinhardt University’s campus beautification forward, as well as providing students with a practical and relaxing path between Falany Center and main campus.

“Not only does this bridge the two parts of campus, but also will bridge people. I can’t say enough about the importance of aesthetics and the importance of creating a community,” said President Mallard.

“We talk a lot about this being the Reinhardt community and the Reinhardt family, but you have to have to have a space for community to happen.”

With the addition of the Townsend Bridge, and the completion of the new Reinhardt Black Box Theater Building later this year, Reinhardt’s “Arts Around the Lake” initiative will be one step closer to completion. To see more about ongoing campus construction projects, see