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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Two distinguished Reinhardt faculty members have had published works in the last month. Dr. Jacob Harney’s research recently was published as part of a compilation of research, while Dr. Jonathan Good was commissioned to write a book review.

“I often say to students, families, and community members that I am humbled by the work of Reinhardt faculty. They teach with passion,” said Dr. Mark Roberts, vice president and dean for academic affairs. “But where does that passion come from? It emerges from deep study of their subject. Students at Reinhardt are particularly blessed because they, daily, have an opportunity to access faculty who are both excellent scholars and approachable professors. Dr. Harney and Dr. Good represent the very best of Reinhardt in teaching and in scholarship.”

Dr. Harney, dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences, wrote a chapter that was released Nov. 17 in the book, “Ketogenic Diet and Metabolic Therapies: Expanded Roles in Health and Disease,” edited by Susan Masino and published by the Oxford University Press.

“I know Susan Masino from Trinity College – she was there while I was at the University of Hartford-West Hartford, Connecticut. This is a compilation of all leading researchers of ketogenic diets in the world,” Harney said.

The book is a comprehensive compilation of scientific research, from cellular and molecular mechanisms, existing and emerging clinical applications, as well as general health implications and disease prevention and treatment. It includes information from experts “spanning ion channels to epigenetics, insights based on decades of experience in epilepsy, and evidence for emerging applications such as autism spectrum disorder, Alzheimer disease, and malignant brain cancer.”

Harney, whose research specializes in reproductive biology, wrote a chapter on the effects of ketogenic diets to the endocrine and reproductive systems. The chapter incorporates research from Harney’s graduate studies to the present.

Dr. Good, associate professor of history, has become a go-to for book reviews related to late medieval England. He was commissioned to review “The Lion, the Lily, and the Leopard: The Crown and Nobility of Scotland, France, and England and the Struggle for Power,” by Melissa Pollock.

The recent review is among a plethora he has completed over the last seven years.

“I often get requests to write reviews out of the blue,” Good said. “I guess I’ve got enough of a reputation as a scholar of late medieval England that editors think of me. This is what happened this summer with the Journal of British Studies contacted me to review Chris Given-Wilson, Henry IV (Yale UP, 2016).”